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CourtDocMaps was created by George Strong to combine the power of GIS Mapping and Google Earth® technology to meet the needs of the foreclosure and tax lien certificate investor.

CourtDocMaps.com offers the Foreclosure Investor a wide range of GIS maps and data representing Pre-Foreclosure, Post-Foreclosure, REO Properties, Grey Properties along with Property Appraiser and Investor Acquisition Maps and data.

For the Tax Lien Certificate Investor, CourtDocMaps harvests and maps over 500,000 tax lien properties from up to 40 counties each season.  Offering GIS Maps and data representing Pre-Tax Lien Certificates, and after sale GIS maps and data representing Tax Lien Certificates 'Struck To The County' and Post Tax Lien Certificate GIS Maps and data

CourtDocMaps also provides Custom GIS Maps, Custom Google Maps and Custom Data to meet your geography and presentation needs.


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