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Board Up Ordinance


On August 1, 2014, the Jacksonville City Council passed a new ordinance which requires that the city abate (demolish) properties that haav been boarded up, and without electric or water service for more than 24 months.

While you may or may not have a property in this condition, many of you have invested in tax certificates with boarded up structurers.  As I am sur eyou are aware, properties that have been demolished typically will not sell at tax deed, and will be returned to the applicant.

Florida statute allows application for tax deed foreclosure with 22 months.  Our data shows that in practical terms, the backlog of tax deed applications in Duval counnty can result in an additional 12 to 24 months bebfore the application gots to sale.  this greatly increases the potential that a boarded structure will be demolished before the sale.

You can proactively avoid this problem by identifying tax lien certificate properties in a boarded condition before filing the tax deed application, thus saviing all the additional cost of outstanding back taxes, advertising and administrative fees.

That's where our Demolition Reports can help!

Our Poarded Property Report provides your organization with timely property inteligence so that you can make financially sound decisions.

Our Boarded Property Reports include:
  • PAttribute
  • PAttribute
  • PAttribute

Boarded Property Report Data Features
Tax Deed
Tax Lien
Certificate Holder
Tax Lien
Certificate Buyer
Permit Number
Permit Date
Owner Name
Property Use(Single Family/Multi-Family/Commercial)
Demolition Cost
Demolition Permit Applicant
RE Number
Demolition Description

Our Boarded Property Reports provide data in two easy to use formats:
  • Spreadsheet(MS Excel) - Easily search all available properties with new reports on a monthly basis
  • Interactive Maps - We upload your property list and you know exactly where your properties are located

Boarded Property Data Subscription Features
Tax Deed Buyer
Tax Lien
Certificate Holder
Tax Lien
Certificate Buyer
Monthly Spreadsheet of Pending Tax Deed Sale properties showing Demolition Status
Access to Online Interactive Map
Map Layer Based on Subscriber's Tax Lien Certificates
- Includes free update after annual certificate sale: a $300 Value
Current Monthly Demolitions, Online and Spreadsheet
Access to Archival Online Demolitions
Map of Pending Tax Lien Certificate Sale properties showing Demolition Status

Our Boarded Property Reports are available on a Monthly and Annual Subscription basis:
  • Monthly Data or Annual Subscription Spreadsheets for the Tax Deed Buyer
  • Annual Interactive Map + Data Subscription for the Tax Lien Certificate Holder
  • Annual Interactive Map + Data Subscription for the Tax Lien Certificate Buyer

Sample Demolition Reports

Download our Sample Demolition Report

View our Sample Interactive Map

Questions about our Boarded Property Data or Subscriptions?    Contact Us!

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