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Self Managing Your Florida County Vacancy Ordinance?

Florida Map

Florida is one of the states with the highest number of foreclosed properties.  Many of the foreclosed properties are abandoned, lowering property values, and become magnets for blight and crime.

In an effort to combat neighborhoods declining because of foreclosure properties, sixty-five Florida cities and counties have enacted Vacant/Abandoned Property Ordinances.

Many of these ordinances require that the foreclosing party register the properties with the relevant jurisdiction, where many ordinances also require that the property be unoccupied before registration. 

The ‘occupancy requirement’ requires that a jurisdiction must rely on the ‘honor system’

This means the jurisdiction must depend on the foreclosing party to report that the property is unoccupied, or have personnel go out to inspect each property to determine if it is vacant.

Faced with budget constraints, most jurisdictions that opted to manage their Vacant Property Ordinances ‘in-house’, use a combination of property inspections and honor system.  The Code Enforcement/Compliance Department is usually tasked with managing the ordinance, now must add inspection duties to those they already perform.

Unfortunately, depending on the honor system, many counties see less than 10% of the vacant properties being voluntarily registered, which can cost jurisdictions thousands of dollars in uncollected registration fees along with thousands more in ordinance management and property inspections.

This is where Obsidian Services can help!

To assist the In-House, Self-Managed Counties and Cities with managing their Vacant Property Ordinances, we offer several valuable services.


  • Honor System Validation:  We are able to compare your registered vacant property database with current and historical vacant properties in your jurisdiction, which enables you to identify vacant properties that are in violation of your ordinance, and how long they have been in violation, and recoup fees owed to the jurisdiction.

  • Identify Foreclosure Properties near Real-Time:  Utilizing court documents compiled on a daily basis, you are able identify when properties in your jurisdiction go into foreclosure.

  • Historical Data and Maps:  Identify how long properties in your jurisdiction have been foreclosed and how long they remain foreclosed, and maps to identify areas of concentration.

  • Obtain Vacancy Property Data and Maps:  Identify vacant properties in your jurisdiction without the need to go into the field for individual inspections, along with area maps.

  • Foreclosure Address Lists and Maps:  For those jurisdictions that prefer or require self inspections of vacant properties, we provide monthly, weekly or daily address lists and maps for your jurisdiction to perform self inspections.

  • Lis Pendens Data and Maps: Lis Pendens are especially helpful for Counties and Municipalities that are implementing a vacant/abandoned property registry, where data can be acquired weekly or daily upon special request. 

  • Multiple Delivery Formats:  We can provide data in a variety of formats including Shape Files, Microsoft Excel, Google Earth and PDF Maps.  See our sample maps

Questions about our Services?  Please complete the form below and we will respond within 1 Business Day, or contact us via phone at 904-798-8300.


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